The Drowsy Chaperone

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On the night of April 22,  2017, I went to see “The Drowsy Chaperone.” The production was about a man who played a record of the fictional musical “The Drowsy Chaperone.” The musical was about a couple getting ready for their marriage. The bride has a chaperone whose job is to keep her way from her husband until the wedding day. The chaperone is constantly drowsy (in other words, drunk).

This production was one of my favorites. It was a very funny musical. Throughout the entire production, a narrator introduced the characters and gave side notes. In one of the scenes, the lead female character, Janet sung about a monkey on a pedestal. Prior to this scene, the narrator explained to the audience to not listen to the words of the song, since they were nonsense.

The costumes in “The Drowsy Chaperone” were very colorful. I can tell that the costume designers put hard work into making the costumes. There was also a large variety of costumes including two bakers and a maid.

The lighting designer did a good job at making the lighting fit the scene. One time, the lights were blue when a character was sad. Another time, the lights were red to match the character who introduced himself with a funny song and dance.


Happy Easter

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This past Sunday, I celebrated Easter with my family. I was looking forward more towards seeing my family than the actual celebration of Easter. This is one of the first times that I got to experience this feeling.

The day started off by my little 3 year-old brother, Lucas, woke me up at 8 am. Gosh, I wish I could have slept in another 15 minutes. All of the guests, family and one friend, arrived around quarter past nine.

The party started off by everyone enjoying a delicious brunch. There was various fruits, like pineapple and blackberries, several egg casseroles, and caramel strata. One of the egg casseroles had black olives and dried tomatoes in it while the other had ham, bacon, mushroom, and spinach. I had the one with the black olives and dried tomatoes.

After everyone was done eating, the Easter eggs were hidden by my two brothers, my cousin, and I. Each person hid 12 eggs. Altogether, we hid 48 eggs. Each egg had Lego pieces inside of it, so that when you got all of the eggs, you could build a Lego set.

When all 48 eggs were hidden, Lucas got the task of finding all of them. He had a blast finding the eggs. While he was searching for the eggs, his mom, my stepmom, took pictures.

Lucas was even lucky enough to get a few presents for Easter. He got a sticker book, the game Candyland, and a small quilt of a bunny in a flowerbed made by our grandma, Liza. I got to play Candyland with Lucas and I realized that he still needs to learn how to play the game.

Cougar World Games

World wide sport.

I helped out with Quidditch, Wheelchair basketball, cane travel on March 23rd 2017.

If you went to at least seven booths at this event, you got a red shirt with several logos on the back. Some of the logos were from Campus Activities Board and New Horizons.

I helped teach others how to play Quidditch by showing them how to hold the broom with one hand and the ball, either a slightly deflated dodge ball or volleyball,  in the other hand. They would then attempt to throw the ball into one of the three hoops, each at a different height. Majority of the time they made into one of the hoops.

It was hard to shoot basketballs while in a wheelchair. When you shoot a basketball normally, you use your feet a lot to jump up to score. In a wheelchair, you have to use only your arms, so it is very difficult, yet still possible, to score a basket.

I had the opportunity to experience traveling with a cane. It was nerve-racking to me. I kept worrying about hitting surrounding objects. I can now understand the concept of traveling with a cane. I can understand why people traveling with canes have to take the same route, so that they don’t run into things.

For food, they had gyros with lettuce, tomatoes, and sour cream. There were also a vegetable teriyaki dish and a chicken teriyaki dish. I loved the chicken teriyaki dish a lot. I liked it so much that I went back for multiple servings.

Quidditch Club Trivia Night

Quidditch Club Hosts Trivia Night

40 Questions over Harry Potter material

10 each round

My house, Hufflepuff, got 25 questions out of 40 right. Last place out of the 4 houses

Ravenclaw got first place with 35 questions right out of 40 (score of 35). Gryffindor got second place with 32 questions right (score of 32). Slytherin got third place with 26 questions right (score of 26)

There was food:

  • pasta with sausage, cheese, and Italian dressing
  • various chips
  • Oreos

Before and after trivia, we played games. We ate food for most of the time. Overall, I had a fun time. I played Harry Potter Uno where each card had a picture of a Harry Potter character on it.

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